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Available to U.S. Customers Only

Kinetic Energy is necessary for your broadhead to penetrate and kill.  All Other Mechanical Broadheads Consume Kinetic Energy to open the blades and this lowers the cutting potential.  KinEmaxx are the Only Broadheads in the World Engineered to Add Kinetic Energy to Your Archery System.  So Stop Wasting Your Valuable Energy on Other Mechanical Broadheads and Start Using KinEmaxx for Maximum Energy and Performance.

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The ONLY Broadhead in the world with a Patented Kinetic Energy boost

2 Blade 100 Grain

3 Pack price 39.95

3 Blade 125 Grain

3 Pack price $44.95

Available to U.S. Customers Only

Precision CNC Machined in USA with Stainless Steel Trocar Tip

Click this video to see the KinEmaxx in action

2018 Broadhead Hemorrhage (bleed-out) Test!

RATED #1 in 

Premium Engineered Kinetic Energy Broadheads

Innovative Patented Design Utilizes Spring Energy to Snap and Lock Blades Open on Contact


Locked Open


Locked and loaded

Locked and loaded