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Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

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Q:  How does the KinEmaxx Broadhead open?

A:  The broadhead contains a patented spring design that forces the rear deploy blades open when the tip contacts the target.  The tip acts like the trigger on a gun so a small amount of pressure on the tip lets the spring go, snapping out the razor sharp blades before they enter the animal.

Q:  Do the blades lock open once they deploy?

A:  The blades lock open and can not close once they are open.  They are free to pivot forward, however,  past 90 degrees making them non-barbed legal for those states requiring a non-barbed broadhead.

Q:  How easy is it to reset the blades?

A.  It takes about 30 seconds or less to reset the blades and is very easy to do.  You need a broadhead wrench and gloves as with any broadhead to be safe.  Instructions are included and available on the website under Support.

Q:  How does the KinEmaxx broadhead add Kinetic Energy to my arrow and broadhead system?

A:  All other mechanical broadheads rob your arrow of speed and energy in order to open the blades by friction or mechanical contact with the animal.  Speed and mass weight combined provide the kinetic energy an arrow needs to penetrate an animal so the blades can do their job.  The KinEmaxx broadhead has its own source of kinetic energy.  It uses a compressed spring's energy and not the arrow's kinetic energy to open the blades.  Your arrow maintains all of its forward momentum and kinetic energy plus you get the energy release from the spring snapping the blades open on contact.  Shot placement is still most important, but with the KinEmaxx system, you will get maximum energy transferred to the animal giving you the quickest and cleanest kill possible.

Q:  Whats locks the blades closed, I don't see any O-rings or rubber bands?

A:  An internal steel spring holds the blades closed until the tip is depressed so there are no O-rings or rubber bands to dry rot, replace every year or let go at the wrong time.

Q:  Are the KinEmaxx mechanical broadheads reliable?

A:  Over 3 years of research and development have gone into the design, patent, testing and field use of the KinEmaxx Broadhead line.  They work with all bows and speeds and a crossbow version is available for crossbows up to 300 FPS.

Q:  Why aren't there practice heads available?

A:  Practice heads that mimic closed mechanical broadheads are useless and a waste of time.  You should shoot the actual broadheads mounted on your hunting arrows and know that each one will fly where it is supposed to.  As with any mechanical broadhead, a small amount of the blade extends outside the ferrule and can still influence arrow flight if the bow is way out of tune.  The .040 inch blades on the KinEmaxx are as durable as many fixed blade broadheads so all you have to do is give them a slight touch-up with a diamond stone if they lose their edge after practice to be ready and confident to hunt.

Q:  Why don't my blades open sometimes when shooting at my layered foam target?

A:  The tip needs to feel some resistance to release the spring loaded blade cam.  Animal skins such as deer, etc. will cause the blades to deploy perfectly before the broadhead enters the quarry.

Q:  Why do the KinEmaxx broadheads cost more than some of the competitors mechanical broadheads?

A:  The KinEmaxx broadheads are made in USA and precision machined of the highest quality materials available such as stainless steel and aircraft aluminum.  Each one is hand assembled and 100% tested for performance and reliability.  No cheap China made stuff here.  Broadhead cost is a small item compared to all you have invested in your hunt.  Do you want to be second-guessing your "cheap" broadheads or be confident they will do the job when that single moment comes?

Q:  Why do the arrow inserts stay in the arrow shaft when I try to remove the broadhead from the arrow?

A:  The screw-in insert is designed to stay in the arrow to make resetting the broadhead easier.  It can be removed by wrapping the threads with something soft to protect them and then unscrewing the insert.

Q:  Are the KinEmaxx broadheads available in stores?

A:  Only at select retailers.  They are available Direct-to-Consumer from our website and at select retailers.  In order to minimize the middle man mark-ups which would add cost to the consumer, we chose to focus on getting you the most value with a premium product using the best materials and MADE IN USA!

Q.  What is the cutting diameter?

A:  Both the 2-blade and the 3-Blade have a 1-1/4" cutting diameter with a swept back slicing blade design for maximum penetration.  The entry wound is usually larger than that due to the blades snapping open on impact and this gives a good blood trail even if you don't get a pass through