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KinEmaxx 2-Blade 

Kinetic Broadheads© presents a revolutionary breakthrough in mechanical broadheads.  It is a patented, spring-loaded, automatic deploying mechanical broadhead with built-in kinetic energy.  It is designed to operate without robbing kinetic energy from the arrow and deliver maximum cutting and kinetic energy to the quarry for humane and quick kills.

Perfect for all bowhunters wanting target arrow accuracy in a reliable high-energy mechanical broadhead.  Now even shooters of lower poundage bows can now have the benefits of a mechanical broadhead without fear of lost kinetic energy common to all other mechanical broadheads.   Women, younger archers or those who can't or don't want to draw higher weight bows now have an option besides fixed blade broadheads for hunting.



- Blades locked closed during flight using an internal spring (no o-rings or bands to dry rot or let go)

- Field tip accuracy so no re-tuning or re-sighting your bow for hunting

- Trigger-tip© initiates blade opening on contact with target

- Blades lock open for 1-1/4" cut

- Easy to re-set, can be used over and over

- Hardened steel TROCAR tip geometry prevents deflection on quartering shots

- Spring loaded .039" thick Stainless Steel  razor sharp blades snap open before entry creating devastating entry wounds

- Internal spring ADDS kinetic energy unlike all other mechanical broadheads

- One Broadhead for all bowhunters:  Men, Women and Children

- Allows lower poundage bow users to shoot mechanicals without energy loss

- Blades set at optimum slicing angle so no "plowing"

- Rear-Deploy blades minimize deflection on quartering shots

- Resharpenable and Replaceable .039" (1.0 mm) thick stainless steel blades for extreme performance

- Cutting blades pivot beyond 90 degrees for non-barbed legal compliance

- 100 grain total weight

- Rugged Anodized 7075 High Tensile Aircraft Aluminum Body with Stainless Steel Trocar Tip

Designed and Made with Pride and Precision in the USA.

Price $39.95

Premium Engineered Kinetic Energy Broadheads

​KinEmaxx 2 Blade Broadhead open

100 Grain

A Revolutionary Patented Design Utilizing Spring Energy to Open


Click this video to see the KinEmaxx in action

Locked and loaded

Kinemaxx 2 Blade 100 gr. Broadhead (3 pack)

Available to U.S. Customers Only

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