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Thank you for your purchase of the most advanced mechanical kinetic broadhead available today.  Below are some simple instructions to help you get the most out of your purchase and maximize the kinetic energy of your archery system.

 Your KinEmaxx Broadheads are shipped ready to install on your standard threaded hunting arrows.  Using any broadhead wrench, simply screw the heads all the way into the arrow and snug them up.  You will feel the spring compressing during the last few turns and be sure the base of the broadhead contacts the arrow or arrow insert.

 If you ever need to re-set the spring mechanism, it is a simple procedure but your safety is most important so adhere to the safety guidelines to prevent injury to you or bystanders.  Broadhead blades are intentionally razor sharp so protective gloves should be worn always when handling the broadheads whether open or closed.  Always use a broadhead wrench that covers the blades when installing or resetting the mechanism and when inserting the broadhead into an arrow shaft.

 How to re-set the KinEmaxx Broadhead:

 Slide the Trigger Tip© point out as far as it will extend as shown.


 Place the entire broadhead into the broadhead wrench as shown and remove the arrow shaft insert from the KinEmaxx broadhead by unscrewing it (counterclockwise) by hand.  The spring and plunger will remain attached to the insert as shown and can be left in the arrow for ease of handling as shown.




 Push the broadhead body all the way into the wrench making sure the point is extended and the blades are folded in tight to the broadhead body inside of the broadhead wrench.


Now screw the arrow shaft insert into the broadhead body by inserting the spring and plunger back into the body and then compressing the spring slightly as you tighten the two pieces together (turning clockwise) and snug them up.




Pull the "set" broadhead straight out of the wrench. Next figure shows the "set" KinEmaxx Broadhead ready for use.





NOTE:  Use care when inserting the "set" broadheads in your hunting quiver as excess tip pressure will release the internal spring and pop open the broadhead.  If necessary, remove some foam material where the tip contacts the quiver to prevent unwanted opening.  You can easily reset the broadheads if you do accidentally set them off by keeping your broadhead wrench with you while hunting

Operating and Reset Instructions